Engineering Pioneers Episode 6: Deep conversations on What Digitalisation really means and what you should know about Nigeria with Dr.Tayo Abinusawa

Clare Rudo September 7, 2020 475 1

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Welcome to Episode 6 where I go heads on with Dr. Tayo on some relevent topics to business and grassroots Africa.

Tayo is leading digital strategies and advising several big players in the industry when it comes to digital transformation programs. Through his global role to strategically drive the design, development, launch, and continual support and improvement of Digital Experience (DXP) and VFunds Platform he has seen through numerous digital roadmaps. Right now he is the Consultant and director of We accelerate.

We spoke about what it really means to be digital for corporates and also for grassroots in Africa – we later dived into how to be digital and what Artificial Intelligence means for the motherland Africa.

What I really loved is when we talked about how to gain knowledge about a continent like Africa that is mostly misunderstood and hence where copy pasting of solutions is literally copy pasting one to one – without great adaptation to the landscape. Yes, we went though one of the deadliest stereotypes of Nigeria. Find out which one and how you can learn more about the continent and its people.

If you are looking to go digital or grow your business through technology – this one is for you !

welcome to the Deep Conversations On What Digitalisation Really Means And What You Should Know Abut Nigeria With Dr.Tayo Abinusawa

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