New Memo:Lets Debug this dreaded Supply Chain Afro-organism-whats going on?

Clare Rudo May 10, 2020 146

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Do you love chocolate, mangos or even ginger beer . These are some of my favorites. Almost 10 years ago, I had my first sneak peak into the world of food and then later on into the Big Data world. Coming from Africa what fascinated me, was that my favorite chocolate bar was never produced end to end locally despite the biggest portion of Raw Cocoa itself originating in one of the most beautiful places called Ivory Coast. Now one may ask why that is so important ? well lets debug the complexities of the African supply chain –cutting this big African Elephant inevery co-oprate that wants to do business in Africa into slices… Why is it so difficult for a cocoa bean or even a mango from West Africa to land up in a Metropolitan like Johannesburg vs a small Village that no one knows somewhere in Austria ? hmmm 

Join me  as I  explores important and controversial questions about the African network and its complexities including current events. “Lets debug the very complex african supply chain networks. Supply chain problems in Africa are quite complex, with most of them stemming from the sheer size of the continent. Africa’s land mass is greater than the USA, Europe, and China combined. Within this huge space there are 54 unique markets, few of which provide scale or adequate distribution infrastructure.”

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