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Onboarding Engineering Pioneers

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My dear friend, thrilled to have you as a guest on The engineering pioneers Featuring tools and success stories for today’s entrepreneurial and ambitious Engineers, Innovators & Scientists in Africa. Engineers & Scientists like you have made strides towards development of Africa (both men and women). Engineering Pioneers examines and validates the ambitions and achievements of this influential and creative group of engineering pioneers. Through the scientific lens of some of the globe’s most interesting STEM leaders, We explore a range of topics from technology leadership, innovation and engineering breakthroughs to areas affected by STEM like economy, transport, health/wellness, family, politics and education.

Please read through the information and follow the steps in the end of this page.

Audience & Format

Firstly, Thank you for taking the time. Honoured to host you soon. Most of the content targets mostly 25-45 year old professionals, leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs. The main topic centre around all things STEM in 6 dimensions ( The pioneers interviews, supply Chain, Leadership, Sustainability, Made in Africa and Smart cities destinations)

I bring in awesome scholars and professionals who share their knowledge in specific areas. Let’s make it highly educational and actionable for the audience, something like a “101” fun experiences and lessons to share from in your domain.

The format is a free-flow conversation on the topic we agreed upon — very flexible and friendly. The time goal for the entire episode is about 30–40 minutes. This podcast will be supported by live chats following up on heated topics on Real Time Talk.

Recording & Technical Details

We’ll be talking normally over Skype or through a shared link based on your location — I’ll call you at the scheduled time we agree on. The main recording will be held via mainly Spreaker, Zencastr and SquadCast for now, which record separate tracks locally and uploads them to my personal drive system. I’ll be also recording a backup version with Skype Call Recorder (just in case).

  • When we get together for the recording, I’ll send you a link, which you can open with Firefox or Chrome. Make sure you select the correct mic (the browser will usually prompt you).
  • We’ll only record audio, no video. We can switch on video to greet each other, but only if you feel like doing so.
  • Make sure you’re wearing headphones. Otherwise my voice will leak into your audio track, which isn’t good.
  • Make sure you’re using your laptop or a desktop computer (not a mobile device).
  • A professional microphone is definitely a plus, but you shouldn’t worry if you don’t have one.
  • Try to eliminate noise and distractions. Turn off sounds on your phone.
  • The general recommendation is to speak slower: we all tend to go really fast, like the time is running out (and it’s actually not).
  • Try to relax and be yourself: the format is very free-form, friendly, and forgiving.

Your Next Steps

Here’s what you should do next:

  1. Fill out this form to send all details .
    • Send over the important details and a high-resolution portrait of yours, ideally with some shoulders and against a solid background.
    • Show up in Skype at the scheduled time wearing headphones. I’ll call you on time.

If you ever have any questions, please get in touch at hi@clarerudo.com. Looking forward to the chat!

Best regards,
Your Engineering Pioneers host.